Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

MPLS L2/L3 Connectivity

IPTEC offer fully redundant MPLS Services. Our MPLS technology supports multiple service classes to ensure the delivery of time-sensitive applications such as voice and video and other applications within the same network. With IPTEC, MPLS-based routing executed faster, reducing round-trip delays and optimizing user experience. Customer-specified critical and sensitive applications get preferred priority at all times. High availability for critical applications is the heart of all enterprise’s connectivity. IPTEC’s MPLS network is the perfect solution that promises maximum uptime. By deploying local MPLS nodes in main cities in Africa, and connecting them to each other, all data stays in Africa. In addition, we optimize your data delivery – no data transferred to Europe in order to travel back, promising lowest latency


  • MPLS apply Traffic Engineering
  • It provides Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities 
  • It uses labels to direct network 
  • It is highly scalable
  • It provides a level of security 
  • It allows efficient routing of multipoint-to-multipoint traffic 
  • It supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) services
  • Fast Convergence
  • Easy Integration with Other Protocols
  • MPLS allows for hierarchical label distribution


  • Connectivity with More Locations
  • Deliver Real-time Communications
  • Protect Mission-Critical Business Applications 
  • Mobilize your business with IP