HR Management System

HR Management System

As an integral part of the ICT solutions for the corporate customers, IPTEC has also developed a web based Human Resources and Payroll Software which is comprehensive, flexible and extremely user-friendly. It's specifically designed to eliminate tedious and time consuming administrative and clerical works which is common to all the HR and Payroll departments. The HR-Grid Payroll Software Application connects managers, administrators and employees across the company to facilitate record-keeping and enhancing communication electronically. Employers can monitor the updates online automatically generated by the system and can control the entire system easily from their computers. It has the capacity to make the HR department of your office entirely paperless. Key features of this product are as follows:

Features of the Product

  • Salary, Overtime, Leave & Bonus setup
  • TAX, Provident Fund, Loan & Gratuity Setup
  • Department & Grade setup
  • Employee designation & type setup
  • Staff budget & requisition
  • Job Circular & Resume Bank
  • Interview Evaluation
  • Appointment Letter & Relieving Letter Generation
  • Employee Information with relevant details
  • Documents upload option
  • Salary Head & Salary Formula
  • Leave & Holiday Type
  • Working Plan
  • Roster & Time Slab Head Setup
  • Employee Leave & Roster Setup
  • Employee Increment, Allowance & Deduction Setup
  • Employee Manual & Automatic Attendance
  • Employee Overtime Calculation
  • Loan Sanction & Loan Search
  • Appraisal & Appraisal Evaluation
  • Employee Training Process
  • Employee Transfer
  • Employee of the month/ year
  • Monthly Salary Process
  • Disciplinary Action Process
  • Service charge distribution
  • Gratuity Approval
  • Employee Promotion
  • Relieving Letter


  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Employee experience/morale
  • Employee development/retention
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced errors
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Simplified benefits administration
  • Improved decision-making

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