Long Range Wireless Solution

​Long Range Wireless Solution

IPTEC Provide carrier-grade long Range Wi-Fi Solution. Our outdoor access point, which offers the superior range and capacity beamforming and the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. This Solution is the ideal solution for outdoor deploying large scale data offload and Wi-Fi access applications in dense urban conditions is designed for mounting on roof-tops, lamp posts and poles.

Our access points enable to reduce CAPEX and OPEX by leveraging existing network assets. As a part of our Systems carrier-grade, outdoor Wi-Fi solutions, operate in self-healing self-assembling mesh architecture using high-capacity 802.11n links – increasing reliability and reducing the initial expenditure.

The multiple, integrated radios on each access point deliver the digital beamforming access and mesh backhaul separately to create a robust, broadband network seamlessly integrates into core network infrastructure, leveraging the software functionality of the field-proven MBW platform.

Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions refer to wireless networking systems that offer extended range and coverage, making them ideal for use in large outdoor areas, rural or remote locations, and industrial settings. These systems typically utilize high-gain antennas, high-powered transmitters, and other advanced technologies to extend the range of Wi-Fi signals.


  • Extended Range: IPTEC Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions are designed to provide coverage over larger areas than traditional Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Scalability: Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions are scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different applications. 
  • Robustness: Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions are designed to be robust and reliable, with ruggedized hardware and weather-resistant enclosures that can withstand harsh outdoor environments.
  • Security: Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions offer advanced security features, including encryption and authentication protocols, to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.


  • Increased Coverage: Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions offer extended coverage, making them ideal for large outdoor areas or remote locations. 
  • Improved Productivity: By providing reliable Wi-Fi access over a larger area, Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions can help improve productivity for workers in outdoor or remote locations. 
  • Cost Savings: Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions can be more cost-effective than traditional wired networking solutions, especially in remote or rural areas where laying cables can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Flexible Deployment: Long Range Wi-Fi Solutions can be deployed quickly and easily, without the need for extensive cabling or infrastructure. This makes them ideal for temporary or remote deployments.