Gateway Level Managed Firewall

​Gateway Level Managed Firewall

This highly advanced cyber protection system is a glaring example of what IPTEC has achieved through its Unified Threat Management Program. This Firewall is gateway-based meaning that the threats and traffic are examined and treated before they are delivered over the satellite and fiber, outside of the client’s network, thus ensuring that the link is utilized in the best possible manner to meet the client’s needs. 

IPTEC’s Firewall Suite gives the opportunity to explore threat-free information super-highway of the World Wide Web as the gateway-based firewall silently monitors all the data traffic relentlessly and removes the real time span and viruses automatically without altering the speed. Firewall modules are embedded over a customer link which ensures that the security is customized for specific client, cost effective and perfectly manageable.


  • Unified Security Management
  • Threat Prevention
  • Application and Identity-Based Inspection
  • Hybrid Cloud Support
  • Scalable Performance.
  • DNS Security
  • Advance URL filtering 
  • Enterprise IoT Security
  • Enterprise data loss prevention 


  • Monitor Network Traffic
  • Stop virus attacks 
  • Prevent hacking 
  • Stops spyware
  • Promotes privacy 
  • Bandwidth Control and Monitoring