KU BandVSAT Connectivity

The best shared experience in the market

IPTEC redesigned and upgraded shared and optimized satellite service, bringing the best Internet experience for Ku-band customers. Re-engineered from the ground up, the new Generation service provides up to 150% more speed at peak hours when it’s most needed with no extra charges, and a guaranteed, all-the-time, 100% faster CIR performance. The new Generation is amazingly fast so you can enjoy the best performance/price ratio ever.

This unique service lifts existing and new customers to the next level of throughput enhancement over existing networks. KU-Band introduces committed/matched information rate (CIR/MIR) – based data packages.

Now SOHOs, cyber cafés, SMEs and other users can enjoy affordable and top-quality internet services with an amazing browsing experience. At the same time, service providers can reduce CAPEX due to the equipment’s low cost, and OPEX as there are almost no service expenses.

IPTEC’s VSAT Connectivity with KU Band has been the band of choice namely for Direct-To-Home services, consumed by millions of users around the world. KU-band became successful as it made reception with small antennas. IPTEC is already proven its strength and ensures the largest and faster deployment in South Sudan.


  • Premium KU band coverage
  • Easy to use platform
  • Cost effective broadband connectivity
  • CAPEX is cheaper than C-Band
  • Flexible bandwidth options
  • Global partner network