IPTEC redesigned and upgraded the Dedicated and shared optimized Internet Service, bringing the best Internet experience for enterprise customers. PtMP Internet solution for large enterprise, Corporate, Oil and GAS, Bank, NGO and who are using real time network. This service is the most reliable.

IPTEC PtMP connectivity provide high capacity dedicated full duplex internet connectivity for corporate and enterprise clients. This solution is designed by carrier class wireless  product, that ensure you Dedicated service, high throughput, maximum availability and low latency connectivity.

IPTEC P2P and PtMP wireless internet connectivity by most innovative, flexible, reliable and cost effective solution. Our versatile product range cover all type of wireless solution P2P, PtMP Wireless technology. IPTEC provides wireless broadband coverage all over in Juba through its vast Network Infrastructure. The WIMAX connectivity is not affected by the weather conditions and it allows real access to end users. With IPTEC internet Service you will enjoy best internet surfing experience in South Sudan

Wireless P2PPtMP Internet Connectivity

IPTEC offers a high-speed, high quality, dedicated, reliable and easy to use broadband connection that is always on. IPTEC Microwave/Wireless broadband networks can provide multifunctional application, high-speed Internet, telephone service, voice and data transfer and video applications.

Advantage of IPTEC Wireless P2P/PtMP Service

  1. Fully backup (Redundant) service with less interruption.
  2. High Capacity Last mile connectivity.
  3. Each Wireless P2P and PtMP equipment can be provide up to 100Mb Bandwidth
  4. Future upgrade no need extra cost for CAPEX.
  5. CAPEX and OPEX will be better price then VSAT
  6. Service availability 99.98%