Cloud Hosting andDomain Registration

IPTEC solution gives you the expertise, reliability, and support to effectively compete with larger organizations. Our set of features offers you “big company capabilities” in user and domain creation and customization, email collaboration, and the assurance that your communications are reliable and secure. Leverage your resources with a premium outsourced email solution that’s priced to give you a real return on what may be your most important investment: communication.


No email server downtime

Free up internal IT staff to work on core business

Total Cost of Ownership is a fraction of an in-house Email Server Solution

Improve email services with increased reliability, availability, scalability, and security.


Dedicated Servers

IPTEC Dedicated Servers is an Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) solution designed for   organizations that require a highly reliable, customized configuration hosting solution. Whether deployed as the primary infrastructure or integrated into your business continuity. plan, IPTEC Dedicated Servers provide the required infrastructure, servers and storage for your organization’s applications allowing your organization to benefit from better performing ERP, CRM, and other applications and website.

Hosted Email Services

Budget-friendly professional email hosting with Business email features and private domains. Our hosted email services are easily deployed, without the need to invest in, operate and manage onsite email servers and systems. Business email hosting. We offers organizations a host of advantages over free consumer email hosting services, delivering a cost-effective, resilient, scalable, advertising- free and secure business grade email solution.

Cloud Storage Service

Providing dynamic and scalable storage space, users can add as much or as little data as desired without the worry of overbuying/underutilizing or depleting their storage space. IPTEC Cloud. Storage enables users to pay for space they actually use and enjoy the benefits