As the provider of the strongest and fastest internet network, IPTEC has secured a place of reliability in the hearts of peoples in South Sudan which we consider as our vital strength. We also cater to our customers with a wide range of highly advanced ICT which is powered by the following features:

  • One stop ICT solution centers
  • Our own satellite networks
  • Own Teleport Infrastructure in Germany
  • Telco Grade Internet Service
  • Our own Internet Gateway in South Sudan
  • Terrestrial Optical Fiber bandwidth with uninterrupted satellite backup
  • A pool of certified IP Core, RF and VSAT engineers
  • 30+ expert team members working in Juba, South Sudan
  • Government authorized Licensed Spectrum with minimum Interference
  • Robust Wireless Network coverage with P2P, PtMP and 4G WiMAX technology
  • Connected with multiple teleport/upstream providers based in Germany, Uganda, Kenya, Tel Aviv, UAE and UK

Partnership with various ICT companies from USA, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Belgium and Bangladesh