C-Band VSAT Connectivity

The best Dedicated and shared experience in the market

IPTEC redesigned and upgraded the Dedicated and shared optimized satellite service, bringing the best Internet experience for C-Band customers. C-Band Internet solution for large enterprise, Corporate, Oil and GAS, Bank, NGO and who are using real time network. This service is the most reliable than any other satellite technology.

IPTEC’s VSAT Connectivity with C Band operates at the lowest bands, it was the first band used for satellite communications, and has proven to stand the test of time and remained of critical importance. Key features of C-band are that it allows for wide area coverage and is extremely resilient to severe weather conditions like heavy rain. IPTEC offers C Band VSAT at most affordable cost round the globe.

Advantage of IPTEC Satellite Internet Service

  • Operate of own Teleport based in Germany.
  • 24×7 NOC services and support
  • Experienced VSAT Engineer in Ground.
  • Not affected by Rain
  • High capacity links and Global satellite platform lay-out
  • Reliable alternative to terrestrial networks
  • Cost-effective, easy to scale & deploy
  • Multiple platforms, such as iDirect, GSN etc
  • Dedicated bandwidth allocation & cost effective, high-contention offering
  • Service availability 99.98%