IPTEC Wireless Network Diagram

Figure: IPTEC Wireless Network Diagram

IPTEC Wireless connectivity is for medium, small enterprise and home users. Our Wireless networks provide multifunctional application, high-speed Internet, telephone service, voice and data transfer and video applications.

Our Wireless Internet service is a completely Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Broadband Service. IPTEC Wireless broadband Internet Access service is designed to offer your business an exceptional level of connectivity delivered to you.

IPTEC Wireless broadband is available in all over the Juba through its vast Network Infrastructure. IPTEC Wireless is cost-effective solution that will address both the technical and commercial needs for your business today and the future due to its stability and robustness

Advantage of IPTEC 4G WiMAX Service

  1. Fully backup (Redundant) service with less interruption.
  2. High Capacity Last mile connectivity.
  3. Future upgrade no need extra cost for CAPEX.
  4. CAPEX and OPEX will be better price then VSAT
  5. Service availability 99.98%
  6. Best 4G (Fourth Generation) WiMAX Network in Juba.

Accelerated Bandwidth up to 25%.